• "Joe, thank you again for your dedicated service and support. This is one of the reasons I'm consistently happy with your shipping service and your company" – Alex R.
  • "You guys make this so easy compared to people we used in the past. Thank you for making shipping this easy" – Joe.
  • "I can’t believe you sent me a refund when you discovered the weight was less, no one has ever done that thank you for your honesty" – Brad
  • "This was our first auction purchase and we were a little worried going in about how this would work but your team was wonderful. You made us "feel like we knew what we were doing" – TZ
  • "Amazingly fast at a good price, exactly what we need" – Dave G.
  • "Thank You to all in your company who have helped us with the shipping of the gov't liquidation items. It sure is nice to have a decent rate quote and just be able to tell you to "Pick it up" with no hassles on my end. Thanks again for making this such a painless process for me" – Kim
  • "I would like to say THANK YOU very much, everything arrived in great shape and swiftly. I was really pleasantly surprised. On future orders it will be a lot smoother and easier. Once again Thank You" - Peter